Jovenes is the Key to Unlocking Youth Potential. Your Donation is the Key to Helping Homeless Youth Succeed.


From juvenile incarceration to a home for homeless youth, the renovations at Los Padrinos’ Hope Center mark an opportunity to move away from youth incarceration towards more innovative solutions to address the crisis of youth homelessness.


Jovenes made things much easier for me, which allowed me to concentrate on graduating high school and enroll in community college.” 


1 in 5 of California’s Community College students and 1 in 10 California State students experiences homelessness.

Jovenes is the Key to Youth Success

Jovenes helps youth, ages 18-25, end their cycle of
homelessness. We are located in Boyle Heights and serve
communities throughout Southeast LA County.

Jovenes, Inc. 2020 Annual Report

2020 marked a difficult and challenging year for our community, and served as a reminder at Jovenes of how truly important our mission is. We have seen firsthand how the most vulnerable have suffered the most consequences of the economic downturn, primarily stemming from lack of access to the community resources that are so important for their well-being.

Despite all the challenges brought by 2020, Jovenes has continued to grow its capacity by starting new programs. Continuing to bring new housing opportunities to transitional age youth remains a vital task, now more than ever. We have expanded our College Success Initiative to new campuses while developing dorm-style living arrangements, opened a new crisis housing program for young women at Los Padrinos, and have seen the generosity of our community through the Hosts who have opened their home to youth through the Host Home program.

We invite you to read more about our work in detail in our 2020 Annual Report.

Jovenes, Inc. 2020 Annual Report

Jovenes gave me a ton of opportunities to grow. Staff took their time with me and make me feel a part of the family.

Solving the Crisis of Community College Student Homelessness

1 in 5 community college students is experiencing homelessness
in Los Angeles. We are working with community colleges throughout LA County to provide housing support to homeless students.

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