Partner Spotlights

Our partnership with the American Beverage Association allows us to give our youth the tools they need to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Healthy Choices Partners

At Jovenes, we aim to teach our youth how to be self-sufficient and healthy members of our community. That is why we partnered with the American Beverage Association (ABA) in 2016. Creating impactful initiatives such as the Balance Calories Initiative and the Cooking Matters Program, the ABA is committed to helping communities become healthier through education on healthy beverage and food choices. Our partnership with the ABA has been crucial to providing the knowledge our youth need to make healthier choices, both now and into the future. For example, volunteers from the Cooking Matters program lead workshops within our Transitional Housing programs that teach our youth how to cook delicious, healthy meal quickly and on a budget.

ABA also proudly supports our mission by sponsoring our annual LA Taco Festival! Thank you to the ABA for your generous support!



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